He would not say whether any children witnessed the shooting

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Cheap Canada Goose Then the dashcam audio ends.Jamieson said that at some point after Lyles armed herself with a knife both officers to fire their service weapons. He would not say whether any children witnessed the shooting but said there were three children in the apartment at the time of the shooting. Are unharmed, they are being taken care of right now, he said.Officers had lethal force options family members blasted the police over the use of lethal force.is she a fing threat? What she going to do to all you police? You big fing men, I can take her down, I know you can, her sister, Monika Williams, told KOMO.The statement provided by the Seattle police department said both officers were with less lethal force options, and that all its officers are trained in crisis intervention.Lyles brother, Domico Jones canada goose sale, also speaking to KOMO said, worst comes to worst, you could have used a Taser instead of a gun for someone that has three kids inside the house. Cheap Canada Goose

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