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Not all of us want to travel with our pillow and stuffed animals (while wearing pajamas to boot)– some of us actually want to look presentable (and by that I don’t mean you should dress like the flight crew). I do like wearing comfortable clothes when flying but you don’t have to resort to Juicy sweatsuits or PJs; a soft cashmere sweater with leggings/jeans and boots are my travel staples (along with an Hermes scarf that doubles as my blankie on flight. And of course I like to carry cute travel bags. This season , Gucci has a fabulous vanilla cream leather travel bag with tan leather top handles (cuz the handles get worn out first) and convertible canvas shoulder/body strap. Contrasting double zipper pulls make it easy to open and grab your passport or magazine– a very chic (albeit impractical color) carry on bag! All I’m missing now is an excuse to go to St. Barts. $1,690 at

MMM a white travel bag, thats going to stay clean for long – not!!!

Yeah, it`s cute prada , but I`ve seen better designs on Gucci

This one I`d recommend to ladies over 30

I agree with the above commenter; a vanilla colored bag for traveling? Seriously?? Ya gotta do better than that for me to shell out the bucks!

If you fly private, white luggage is a must.

Cream, on a dirty plane… I think not.

Gucci Travels Chic

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