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Be a spontaneous and daring Aries and get this tattoo on the inside of your wrist.

Show off your inner ram with this tiny tattoo.

Or display the gorgeous constellation on your finger.

Be an independent Taurus with this symbol.

This intricate design makes even a bull look elegant.

Decorate your shoulder with the stars of the Taurus constellation.

Geminis are known to be very social and this tattoo is the perfect conversation starter!

Show off the twins with this silhouette tattoo.

Literally put this constellation anywhere on your body and it will look gorgeous.

Creative Cancers will love the placement of this tattoo. Hide it by putting your hair down, or pull your strands up when you want to show your astrology sign off.

The incorporation of the cancer symbol in this crab tattoo is too cool.

Hands are a popular place for constellation tattoos.

This graceful tattoo incorporates the name of the sign so there’s no confusion.

This lion is so simple jensarentzen , yet at the same time so realistic-looking.

Use your freckles to create your astrology constellation, like this tattoo.

This design peeking out from behind your ear is perfect for Virgos prada replica bags , who are known for being shy.

This maiden is intricately beautiful and seamlessly incorporates the word Virgo into it.

This constellation tattoo is the perfect excuse for going barefoot.

The rough lines on this simple tattoo give it some edge.

Apparently, Libras like wrist tattoos, and we don’t blame them.

You’ll never want to wear a turtleneck with this cool neck tattoo.

Another cute behind-the-ear tattoo for when you have pride in your sign, but your not ready for full exposure.

This fierce scorpion is perfect for a fierce scorpio.

Underneath the collarbone is a really cool placement for a simple tattoo like this.

This behind-the-ear look is really in, and we love the subtlety.

Sagittariuses are vibrant and exciting, so this tattoo is a perfect fit.

Hold your astrology sign close to your heart.

Amp up your rainbow drink selfies with this wrist tattoo.

While we don’t know what what a mountain sea-goat is, we want one! Look at the intricacies on this little guy.

This tattoo is easy to hide, but it’s so cool, you probably won’t want to.

36 Astrology Tattoos for Some Cosmic Ink Inspo

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