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We haven’t seen too many unreleased samples of the Air Jordan 2011, probably because every colorway thought up by the Jordan Brand creative team was released. The Warrior Pack, the four All-Star Game releases, the Blackouts, the JB Classics, and not to mention, the Air Jordan 2011 iD made no colorway go unnoticed, but here’s a look at a Promo Sample of the Air Jordan 2011 in White, Grey, and Blue. The upper may remind you of the Air Jordan 2011 ‘Year of the Rabbit’, but the blue mesh tongue and the speckling on the translucent outsole make these almost like the Year of the Rabbit x Eastern Conference All-Star hybrid colorway. It’s a pretty sick colorway and unfortunately, that combo of colors stands outside the reach of the Air Jordan 2011 iD options nike air max , so check out the extra images below and to test your auction skills, hit up the auction from tsm_2010 on eBay.

Air Jordan 2011 – White – Grey – Blue | Promo Sample

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