If you found another mobile home and you requested the money

No mobile home title

cheap jordans $35 My friend passed away 3/22/17 left me executor of her estate. cheap jordans shoes The day I was to sign the probate cheap nike shoes court papers cheap yeezys her son’s wife came in his son’s place. They wanted to probate the will as cheap jordans from china a muniment of title that was done in probate court approved by judge. Everything was left to her grandson. Her son was left out on purpose. The grandson dose’nt wanr her truck or her mobile home cheap jordans in china gave me https://www.airjordanhot.com a notarized letter saying he doesn’t want either one I could dispose of as I see fit. I have cheap jordans for sale no problem with vehicle because my friend signed cheap air force the title before she passed away. I don’t think the mobile home was ever titled after she bought it in 1994. I only have the MANUFACTURER’S STATEMENT OF CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN TO A MANUFACTURED HOME. NO ONE will moved mobile home off the rented lot w/o Cheap jordans a title. What can I cheap jordan sneakers do about this BIG MESS? cheap jordans $35

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cheap high quality jordans When my son purchased his mobile home the real estate agency never transferred the title to him the bank gave him a loan even though they should have cheap adidas requested the title. This happened 8 yrs. Ago. He cheap air jordan is trying to sell it but can’t because he doesn’t have the title. The real estate cheap jordans sale agency has been. cheap high quality jordans

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cheap jordans india Can a mobile home park sell you a mobile home without a title and if they do, do they have to cheap jordans in china cheap jordans china give you the money back on the mobile. If you give them enough time to get the title and they will not repay you on the mobilehome. If you found another mobile home and you requested the money back and. cheap jordans india

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cheap jordans for sale free shipping I purschased a mobile home in Michigan cheap jordans free shipping have been waiting 6 months to get title I would like cheap Air max shoes to put this home up for sale how long does a seller have to get you a title before you can just get your money returned/ cheap jordans for sale free shipping

cheap jordans wholesale Title to mobile home and title to land is separate can it be sold on one deed [ 1 Answers ] cheap jordans wholesale

jordan retro 12 cheap I moved into the country in a mobile home and started renting then a year later we decided to purchase the land and mobile home on contract. We have paid taxes and insurance on it. 2 years later we find the person selling it to us does not have the title to mobile cheap jordans on sale home just to land. Does he have jordan retro 12 cheap.


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