Jex, meanwhile, only committed such horrific acts to save his

In the end, the Doctor stages a distraction and allows Jex to escape into the desert. Jex knows that the Gunslinger will follow him no matter where he goes, and since he doesn’t want the lives of more innocent townspeople on any planet on his conscience, he commits Heroic Suicide. The Gunslinger, realising that he’s still an immortal monster and that he can never go back home to his normal life again, heads off to do much the same. However, the Doctor convinces him to stay in the desert as the town’s marshal and protector. The American Civil War: Oddly, not mentioned by name, but likely the war referred to in the episode. The war is mentioned to have been five years ago, which would place the action of the episode in about 1870. This is consistent with electric lights being about ten years away. Anachronism Stew: The Doctor finds the electric lights anachronistically advanced. Rory apparently left his phone charger in Henry VIII’s en suite. Anti Villain: The Gunslinger and Jex, in their own ways. The Gunslinger just wants revenge on the people who made him a monster. Jex, meanwhile, only committed such horrific acts to save his people from an even more horrific war. The Gunslinger in particular implies a concern that Jex may return to form. Arm Cannon: The Gunslinger’s right arm is all cannon. Artistic Licence Gun Safety: Averted; when inexperienced shooter Amy waves around the revolver she’s holding, it discharges twice within ten seconds. Also played straight, as the gun Amy uses is a single action revolver, so she would have had to re cock the hammer every time she fired.

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Hermes Replica Handbags Other cases are due to space restrictions (Jean and Spar), making up new ones (Katt) or, randomly, because they wanted to adhere to Breath of Fire’s translation (Bleu, some magic spells). Duel Boss: More than a few. Ryu gets a couple, though one (Tiga) is unwinnable and the other (Barubary) is optional Hermes Replica Handbags.


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