The Southpaw: Initially caused him some difficulty

Dragon Ascendant: Masako in Red Faction. Dragon Their Feet: Capek, the Big Bad of Red Faction, dies about halfway through the game, with the rest of the game being spent fighting Colonel Masako and her Merc soldiers. Dragon with an Agenda: Richard Gryphon in the original Red Faction is actually the Deputy Chief Administrator. Davis was the the actual Chief Administrator who you don’t even have to interact with (though you can kill him). The only reason we even know his name is the name plate on his office. Presumably Gryphon was just trying to survive the chaos of the plague, rampant experimentation (especially since Capek experimented on his predecessor), and the revolution. Either way, it turns out that Capek may have been The Man Behind the Man as the plague is solely his fault. The first game didn’t explain the background stories or responsibilities of the characters or Ultor very well. The Dreaded: Alec Mason essentially becomes this, not only becoming a major figurehead in the Red Faction but a lot of EDF soldiers, including Admiral Kobel to exclaim something along the lines of “It’s Mason!” when confronted by him. Drop the Ham

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Replica Handbags Rags to Riches: Was the poorest of all four Beatles as a child; he lived in post war low income housing with his mother, grandmother, and grandfather after his father abandoned them. He also missed much of his education due to frequent illnesses. Like the others, he became very well to do as Beatlemania took off. Self Deprecating Humor: He is very fond of it. The last verse of his song “Early 1970″ jokingly claims that he only knows “three chords” on the guitar, and in the The Beatles Anthology documentary, he also jokes that he only knows “three chords” on the guitar and piano while discussing “Don’t Pass Me By”. Silly Love Songs: Plenty. The Southpaw: Initially caused him some difficulty, as his drum kit was right handed (in contrast to fellow southpaw Paul McCartney’s left handed guitars and basses). Step Up to the Microphone: To make the Beatles a full Vocal Tag Team, Ringo sang a song on most of their albums. John and Paul even joked that their version of the song they gave to The Rolling Stones was sung by Ringo. This dates back to his days with Rory Storm and the Hurricanes; part of the logic behind his stage name was that it allowed the group to bill his solos as “Starr Time.” (After joining The Beatles, he continued to cover one of his usual Rory numbers Shirelles’ “Boys” made it onto the album Please Please Me.) Sunglasses at Night: Since the 90s, Ringo wears sunglasses all the time. V Sign: Basically his iconic gesture.”How’s that?” Replica Handbags.


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