Artistic License History: The film is somewhat of a parody of

Start the Revolution Without Me is a 1970 comedy film starring Gene Wilder and Donald Sutherland as two sets of twins (one born from aristocrats, the other from peasants) who undergo a bizarre switch at birth after the doctor delivering them confuses the two sets; he switches one twin in each pair so each couple will get at least one of their own children. Years later, on the eve of The French Revolution, hilarity ensues as each pair plays a role in the upcoming events. He may be a dandy but he is a deadly one. Artistic License History: The film is somewhat of a parody of various historical fiction works about the French Revolution, and is not particularly concerned with historical accuracy. Breaking the Fourth Wall: Hilariously done in the ending, when certain characters from the story show up to kill narrator Orson Welles. Butt Monkey: The King. Hair Trigger Temper: Philippe Identical Stranger: The two pairs of identical twins also perfectly resemble the other pair. I’ll Take Two Beers Too: When d’Escargot visits the de Sisis and lays out his plan for them to betray the King:Philippe: And what is the reward for this treachery?

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