Meat from animals works as a substitute

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Hermes Replica Bags Such characters are likely Glass Cannons, with their range and damage being always feared as long as someone isn’t next to them. This kind of Long Range Fighter tends to be Difficult, but Awesome, as their strengths are useless if the player or their teammates doesn’t manage to keep aware of enemy positions and keep them out of close combat, but their advantages are very blatant when pulled off. As such, the risk of this character type being a Game Breaker can be rather significant since one of the only things worse to suffer than getting easily killed is getting easily killed when you can barely see your enemy and can’t hope to fight back. This will hopefully be mitigated by their opponents’ tools (varying in many ways, from speed to close in to Smoke Out to cover them while they’re far away), environment (usually by letting opponents Take Cover! and hope to flank the Long Range Fighter), or themselves (such as their close range weakness being very, very, very distinct) in some way. Hermes Replica Bags

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Replica Valentino Handbags Big Damn Heroes: James Colby and his officers, at the end. Body Horror: After running out of the antidote, Ben has been slowly decaying. Clueless Detective: Ben seems to have shades of this. By the end, even he realizes that he failed horribly at the actual detective work. Genre Shift: While it might begin like a detective story centered around zombies, the zombie aspect arguably takes over, especially as Ben has some trouble figuring things out. Horror Hunger: Ben suffers from this all the time, although he learned to suppress it, with Dr. Sacreya’s help. Meat from animals works as a substitute, although he still eats it raw. Sasha eventually overcame this as well, although not before spreading the virus. Immune to Bullets: Ben considers this to be one of the best parts about being a zombie, even if it isn’t absolute. It’s the reason he didn’t attempt to carry out his dream of fighting crime until after his transformation. Mad Scientist: Dr. Sacreya is a benevolent example, as he was honestly trying to do a good thing (though there are traces of For Science! in his reasoning, as well). Not Quite Dead: Dr. Sacreya isn’t dead. Neither is their attacker, despite what Sacreya thinks. Our Zombies Are Different: Ben (and Sasha) is a mishmash of Type C, Type F, Type P, and Type R. The hordes at Vogan Point fit all except for Type R. The Virus: A single zombie escaped into Vogan Point resulted in disaster due to this. Well Intentioned Extremist: Given the situation in Vogan Point, it’s easy to see why Sasha believes all zombies should be destroyed. She doesn’t care that Ben can think and reason; she includes him and later herself in this. Zombie Apocalypse: Of the local variety. The world isn’t in much danger, due to the quarantine efforts at Vogan Point Replica Valentino Handbags.


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