If you proliferate enough, though, you can win the game by

Moving the queen out of danger or leading a group of other ants into battle as a member of the soldier caste). The objective is genocide: kill the red ants, and then drive out the humans and take over their house, and you win. Originally a computer game, the game was also ported to the Super NES. Basically, they force you to be more careful with the auto pathing since your ant has no real sense of self preservation. Ant War: The premise of the game is a black ant colony wiping out a neighboring red ant colony, taking over the yard, and driving the humans out of their house. Arbitrary Headcount Limit: The game cannot emulate more than 100 ants while you’re looking at the surface. Big Ball of Violence: What ant on ant combat looks like. Booby Trap: Antlion nests outdoors, power sockets in the house. Death to all who enter. Although if you gather a large enough ant army, you can take on the antlions and turn them into food. This doesn’t work with power sockets. Color Coded for Your Convenience: You play as the black ants, the enemies are the red ants. Your character is the yellow ant. Pure and simple. Enemy Eats Your Lunch: The cause of 80% of ant on ant violence is red ants stealing food from black ants and vice versa. Double Entendre: One of the quotes when two ants are fighting in comedic mode: “Better dead than red.” Forgets to Eat: As your ant walks around, your hunger meter goes down extremely fast. It is quite easy to starve to death in mere seconds. Even more ridiculous when you starve to death while carrying food to the nest (in your mouth). Luckily, if you have recruited other ants to follow you, they will take the initiative and feed you. At least in the PC version your ant gets more combat effective the hungrier it is. Giant Spider: The Spider, in terms of the ants. Grand Theft Me: (PC/Mac Version) You can swap bodies with any other ant at will, including the Queen or the useless breeders. Can be good for ditching a starving body at the last moment http://www.polyvida.com/boil-for-another-6-8-minutes/, or avoiding enemy ants as a form of crude teleportation. You can even take over red ants or the spider. Hold Your Hippogriffs: With the “funny” captions on, many ants will provide dialogue in this style, as if they were fresh out of a Hanna Barbera cartoon. Humans Are Cthulhu: The human inhabitant of the house often commits genocide for seemingly arbitrary reasons, such as using bug spray and the lawn mower, or even just walking around outside. If you proliferate enough, though, you can win the game by punching out Cthulhu. Hurricane of Puns: The manual is full of fantastic ant puns. Infinite Lives: See We Have Reserves. As long as the Queen is alive, you’re immortal. “You are reborn!”.

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