Hugo’s tableau of France invariably turns into a good and evil

As our bus made its slow and twisting way up the mountainside we got a close up look at the kind of ground over which our troops had to fight. It was easy to see why the Germans were able to hold onto their positions for so long. In my way of thinking, even second rate infantry could have done a creditable job of holding on to this rock ribbed bastion. What made it harder for our troops was that it was no slap dash bunch of nondescript infantry in position on the heights. It was the best of the best German fighting soldiers, the 1st Parachute Division who had made it so brutally tough for our men. They were the same men that fought it out toe to toe and eyeball to eyeball with our Seaforths and Edmontons in the narrow streets of Ortona. They were the same guys who stopped the Perths and the Cape Bretons in their tracks in their battle baptism in the valley of the Riccio River outside Ortona. Yeah, we Canadians knew them well.

replica goyard handbags Abridged for Children: Les Mis is called (affectionately?) by its readers “the Brick”, resulting in multiple attempts to shorten it this is not an easy text to abridge. Cut versions always leave the revolution subplot in the dust. Fantine’s story is castrated, and all character development not centered on Valjean and Javert is pretty much obliterated. Hugo’s tableau of France invariably turns into a good and evil story (Valjean and Javert) with a romance subplot (Marius and Cosette) thrown in. Accidental Hero: Th First, when he accidentally saves Georges Pontmercy’s life, and then again, in his attempt to blackmail Marius. Adorkable: Marius. He’s so shy that he can’t muster up the courage to even speak to a pretty girl. Affluent Ascetic: Bishop Myriel’s position comes with a large salary and a palatial official residence. He allows the local hospital to occupy the palace while he lives in a small adjoining building, and donates nearly all his salary to charity. The only touch of luxury he permits himself is his silverware, which he values for its sentimental associations more than its monetary value. replica goyard handbags

Replica Designer Handbags You might be familiar with the term “event horizon” in the context of black holes. But please understand that we not talking about a black hole event horizon here. More generally, “event horizon” means a notional boundary separating two causally disconnected regions of spacetime. What does that mean? It means that nothing on this side of the boundary can have any relationship whatsoever with anything on that side of the boundary.You know the old metaphor about a butterfly flapping its wings, and halfway around the world they have a snowstorm? That an example of a causal relationship. We aren talking about simple cause and effect, but rather the notion that one thing can in any way no matter how indirect affect another thing.Two events that lie on opposite sides of an event horizon cannot have any relationship of any kind. And there an event horizon at the first event.What does that have to do with your question? What it means is that there is no way to speak the phrase “before the Big Bang” and have the sentence that contains it be true.Now, let relate this to how science is done. We start by making a guess about something; I going to guess that before the start of the Big Bang, the universe existed, for starters, and also that it was full, wall to wall, with custard. I call this my Conformal Custard Cosmology model.The next step is for me to make a prediction based on my guess. If my Conformal Custard Cosmology model is correct, then blah blah blah. Insert some technical prediction here. Then we go out and make some kind of observation which will either support or refute our prediction, and thus we discern whether Conformal Custard Cosmology is a valid model.Meanwhile, you have your own guess about the early universe. Your guess is that the universe existed before the Big Bang, and also that it consisted entirely of treacle which had existed for infinite time. You call it the Steady Syrup model. You, like I, make your predictions and come up with a way to test your model.Problem is? Our predictions are exactly the same. We both say, “Okay, before the Big Bang the universe was full of stuff, and then the Big Bang happened, and there an event horizon there, so everything that happened subsequently was totally independent of anything that came before.” Which means your theory and my theory are indistinguishable. There no way for us to tell which is true, or even which is less false.And the real kicker is that both our theories are also indistinguishable from that guy theory and his theory says there is no “before” when it comes to the first event. Which means that the idea that there was something before the Big Bang is totally indistinguishable from the idea that there was nothing! So there no way for us to make the statement “Before the Big Bang, blah blah so n so” and have it be truthful Replica Designer Handbags.


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