Doesn’t quite make sense why the government would put natural

Well congratulations Mr. Obama, you pushed another of your puppets through, although it doesn’t really matter since you’ve public stated in your recent speeches that you no longer intend to recognize Congress as a relevant branch of the government because they oppose your policies too much. Now you have informed America that you will not obey the Constitution but will do what you think is best. Now we know what you meant by the open mike comment before your 2nd term started when you off handedly remarked that after the election you would be free to do as you pleased. What amazes me the most is not the fact that you are a tyrannical traitor but that the unbelievably naive, crooked, greedy, and ignorant liberal base has followed you to their own eventual grave. You are living proof of reincarnation. You are the new Hitler. Holder is the new Himmler. The NSA is the new Gestapo. You have pushed America far down the road towards a Police State. All of your detractors will soon find themselves in one of the many semi secrete concentration camps that Homeland Security has set up throughout the United States. By the way, the one in San Antonio is very impressive. Double fenced. Plenty of razor wire. More than enough guard towers. Nice dog runs. And of course a very sophisticated security system with plenty of cameras. Doesn’t quite make sense why the government would put natural disaster refuges in a place like that does it. Yep, you’re the Pied Piper and Liberal Demotards are following you in perfect Lemming fashion. Heil Obama

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Replica Handbags Tropes seen in this film: Award Bait Song: Eyes Of The Heart (Radio’s Song) sung by India Arie. Character Tic: Radio alone has so many, but one that’s pointed out (also about the real Radio) is that if he doesn’t want to resume a conversation, or doesn’t like the turn it takes, he will put a transistor radio to his ear, and figuritively tune out everything else around him. Hanna Yellow Jackets running through the rain at the bottom, which applies to the movie in no way or form; Radio helped Harold and Honeycut with coaching, but he had nothing to do with the Yellow Jackets being champions, and the only rain scene involved Radio playing by himself while listening to a radio of the Jackets’ away game. Deep South: Anderson, South Carolina. Disappeared Dad: Two exmaples in this movie: Radio and Walter’s mother is a widower, as their dad had died a while back prior to the movie taking place; in Radio’s case, his mother remarks, “I’m wondering where he’s at half the time, and worryin’ all the time.” Harold is something of this to Mary Helen because he puts so much focus into coaching football that he sort of neglects her then once Radio comes into the picture, he starts spending even less time with her, which also brings us to: Daddy Had a Good Reason for Abandoning You: Harold, in a sense, becomes something of a father figure to Radio over the course of the movie, and considering that he spends a great deal of time helping him come out of his shell and find his place in the community, Mary Helen pretty much gets the short end of the stick. We also have a Calling the Old Man Out moment later when Harold tries to have a moment with her at one point:Harold: Look, Mary Helen. I know we haven’t had much chances to talk lately Replica Handbags.


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