Most don’t realize that this is happening in real life what

Aesop Amnesia: The Federation expies clearly didn’t learn any sort of lesson from their first encounter with the Empire, as the second time they’re prosecuted for negligent genocide after letting another pre FTL civilization fall victim to natural disaster. Aerith and Bob: The first panel of this strip seems to be a knowing reference to the trope. After Action Healing Drama: After catching the assassin. Alien Arts Are Appreciated: Robots and food Alien Non Interference Clause: The original Trope Namer, the Prime Directive, at least the version utilized in Star Trek: The Next Generation, is dissected, and called racist, unethical, and immoral. note In other versions of Star Trek, the Prime Directive is intended to prevent direct interference. TNG takes it further. Aluminum Christmas Trees: Bordering on Poe’s Law; the delivery is insane, but the data is absolutely real. The step by step dissection of the deathtrap shuttle in “The Cold Equations” arc; The Government asked for something cheap and environmentally friendly which could be built, maintained, and supplied solely by low bid government contractors. Leave out the “cheap” and “environmentally friendly” parts and that’s the design statement of NASA’s Shuttle Transportation System. And when it comes to “dangerously designed government sponsored technology”, there’s loads of evidence to file alongside it; look up the Brewster F2A Buffalo, the M16 rifle, and the Bradley Fighting Vehicle(see The Pentagon Wars for the step by step design process of the last of these lemons) all so horribly defective that there was only one possible buyer, one which not only bought countless numbers but asked for them to be built in the first place: The Government. Ridiculous Future Inflation in the the Kallifrax arc; the planet’s most popular currency losing 95% of its face value in less than a century as a result of oligarchs buying up all the physical resources with paper. Most don’t realize that this is happening in real life what cost a grand in 1900 would cost thirty grand in 2016, AKA a thousand modern dollars is the equivalent of thirty five 1900 dollars! Anachronism Stew: Of a sort. For the Federation expies, the tech, philosophies, and crew are all pretty blatantly based on those of The Next Generation, but the design of their ship more closely resembles that of the first six movies’ Enterprise rather than the Enterprise D. Likewise, while most of the crew are instantly recognizable as the TNG version (and the Worf Effect is in full swing), the medical officer is plainly based on “Bones” from TOS. This resulted in irony when fans of the comic and the series pointed out that a Bones Expy would have heard Quentyn lambasting the transporter and joined in. We all rely on each other out here, right down to the very air we breathe. That’s why there’s no room. for anyone who won’t fight against all odds for every last breath, or for anyone who tries to turn someone else’s survival into some cold equation.

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