) Yandere: Harriet, who becomes a bit unhinged after winning

Charlie: No no, I’m really serious, did they mention the wife? I just want to know about the wife. X”, it’s her sister Rose. Talking in Your Sleep: Charlie is awakened by Harriet shouting “RALPH!” in her sleep. Some dialogue early in the film implies that he may own the coffee shop/nightclub/poetry house he hangs out at. (If so, he still seems to be a very hands off owner.) Yandere: Harriet, who becomes a bit unhinged after winning over Charlie. In a subversion, this is because all of her previous husbands abandoned her and she’s developed a complex or so she thinks. Turns out Harriet’s sister was an insane Yandere for Harriet. She murdered Harriet’s husbands and faked their deaths to keep Harriet to herself and nearly does the same to Charlie near the end.

You return to Minkara V and paste the Klingons’ reinforcements, then discover they’re doing some sort of archaeological dig on the planet surface. You beam down and blast your way to what turns out to be a sister artifact to the Guardian of Forever, the Guardian of Balance. Aliens Made Them Do It: Between you and ship’s counselor Dr. Shree, a few weeks or so before “Relics”. Apparently you got possessed by incorporeal aliens or something to that effect and seduced her. We never do hear the whole story, and you don’t remember any of it (and can optionally wish you did). Ascended Glitch: For some bizarre reason your away team always falls through the floor when you beam over to the Ugcinian ship. Kirkfat turned this into a story element, saying you beamed over solo. Beethoven Was an Alien Spy: Copernicus apparently got the idea of a sun centric solar system from the Federation, by way of Johann Rymut being sent back to his home time. Bi the Way: The romance dialogue with Shree is the same whether your captain is male or female. This is at least partly because the Level Editor for Foundry missions doesn’t have gender operated dialogue tags. Brick Joke: During the mission briefing you lament that you miss the days when exploration was the main job of Starfleet, as opposed to fighting multiple wars simultaneously. As you beam over to the Ugcinian ship, you remark that it feels good to be an explorer. Continuity Nod: Your science officer briefly mentions the Department of Temporal Investigations, in the context of a visit from them being preferable to whatever cataclysm would result from not sending Johann back to his home time period. Damage Control: Your ship receives a few parting shots during the first firefight with the Klingons and http://flirtdrift.com/2013/01/01/a-nationwide-poll-in-2003-saw-that-germans-voted-him-as-the/, according to your chief engineer, would be a sitting duck if reinforcements showed up. Much of the next section of the mission uses the damage control efforts as a Closed Circle. Expy: The Guardian of Balance, for the Guardian of Forever. For Want of a Nail: Discussed. According to the Guardian of Balance, not sending Johann back to 1537 leads to a Bad Future where “the machines” (inferred by your captain to be the Borg) rule unopposed. Get a Room!: Dr. Daniels’ response to catching you and Shree flirting. “My patient isn’t standing by for nobody. Quit with your hanky panky. The whole crew knows about you two. Get a room.”.

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