Just don’t ask how Vincent Van Goat fits in there

If this character is really in it for the brutality and/or rush of a physical fight (and who will thus rush into any fight, big or small http://www.harryfrens.com/2013/04/25/in-the-gifted-program-she-is-an-ap-scholar-and-a-recipient-of/, just to get their jollies, and never back down from a fight), not the challenge, then he is a Blood Knight, not a Spirited Competitor (a Spirited Competitor will probably avoid a conflict that wouldn’t challenge them or doesn’t involve someone they feel is worth it). If he’s in it for sadistic pleasure, then you’ve got a Psycho for Hire (or a Combat Sadomasochist, if he also gets off on receiving injuries). If the character wishes to face challenges while striving to be the best, then he wants To Be a Master (usually such characters become these after a while). If the character is completely laid back or carefree about the challenges, or even nonchalant about them to the point of cockiness, then he’s a Cavalier Competitor.

Replica Stella McCartney Handbags Love Dodecahedron: As the story continues, one develops between Eric, Woody, Amy Fishbein, Tempest Sheridan, and Holly Williams. Just don’t ask how Vincent Van Goat fits in there. Love Makes You Crazy: Eric’s infatuation with Amy Fishbein sometimes reaches borderline creepy levels, such as the time he had a meticulously researched skintight costume made for when she’d join the team. Eric’s parents went through a divorce after an auto accident, and she happily left after securing a huge alimony payment. Woody’s mother got a divorce to leave an abusive relationship and ended up an impoverished drug addict, emotionally absent as she left Woody to fend for himself. Mistaken for Gay: Happens often enough that “We are not a couple” is Woody’s Catch Phrase. Mistaken for Murderer: David Warrant, whom Eric believes engineered the accident that transformed himself and Woody. In reality, David was trying to shut down the reactor and prevent the accident. Name and Name Naughty by Night: Amy Fishbein appears to be a prim and proper white collar professional, but she starts dropping obvious innuendos and undressing herself as soon as she’s alone with Woody. Who’s actually Eric in Woody’s body.”God, Woody, you didn’t tell him about ‘Cats’, did you? It’s not every girl who loses her virginity in a Broadway show. I’ll bet I can get us some tickets. Meeoww.” Replica Stella McCartney Handbags

Replica Designer Handbags Type X Alien Space Bats and Fantastical AH: In contrast with Type IV, these works are deliberately designed as pure fantasy, typically following the Rule of Cool. Some sort of Applied Phlebotinum or Sufficiently Advanced Aliens or Negative Space Wedgie or blatant magic causes a PoD that completely changes everything. What If? aliens invade Earth during World War II? What if time traveling modern Cherokee give assault rifles to their distant ancestors in 1820? What if town from modern West Virginia was time ported to Germany in the middle of the 30 Years War? A sub type of this rewrites actual history in fantastic terms: what if George Washington’s army used nature magic to fight necromantic redcoats? Ironically, many Type X works can become very “Hard” following an initial fantastical PoD, diligently using historical research and Butterflies to see what would logically happen if the Cherokees really did have Kalashnikov assault rifles in 1820. Type X works can be “steered” or “unsteered”. Note to Tropers: when posting examples please make a note on how “Hard” the work is after the initial PoD if the PoD is the ASB element; for example “after the Negative Space Wedgie moves Manhattan, the rest of the work follows a more Type II or even Type I level of plausibility” Replica Designer Handbags.


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