At the opening of the next lecture course, Nov

What idea would any one gather from this statement? It would be nothing less than this: that during the years while he was a leading minister among this people, he was, if not the sole, at least the responsible, occupant of the chair of Biblical exegesis in the College at Battle Creek. No one could understand it otherwise. Of course the Herald doubtless published it honestly, as it would give the information furnished it; but he who took it from the Herald and furnished it for the Advocate, must have done so with a full knowledge of the impressions it would convey and the conclusions which people would gather from it. Whether it was published with any such design or not, we leave the reader to judge. But what are the facts in the case? They are simply these: Three weeks before the close of the long winter term in the spring of 1886, the one who occupied the position of instructor in Biblical exegesis, found it impossible to finish the work of that term in addition to his other duties, on account of failing health. It was therefore decided to call in some one to serve the three remaining weeks and complete the course of that year; and Eld. Canright was employed for that purpose. The class in this department having now become so large that more than one instructor was needed to carry it forward properly, it was decided by the College Board, in the summer of 1886, to employ an assistant and Eld. Canright name was inserted in the catalogue for that position. At the opening of the next lecture course, Nov. 18, 1886, the former occupant being then busy at the session of the General Conference, as secretary, Eld. Canright organized the class, and continued his work there till Dec. 24, five weeks. That closed his connection with the College three weeks as temporary supply in the spring of 1886, and five weeks as assistant in the autumn and winter of the same year: eight weeks all told! Yet he chooses to let the people entertain the idea which they must gain from the quotation that he for many years one of the leading ministers among the Seventh day Adventists, and until his change of denominational relationship, he was professor of Biblical exegesis in their College at Battle Creek. We leave the reader to wonder at the small residuum of fact that is left, after all the foam of this statement is evaporated.

Hurricanecoverage generally meansplenty of reporters in the rain. They tell you to steer clear of the storm and seek shelter when they planning to do the exact opposite. It seems odd, right? All this hurricane talk reminded us of other memorable weather moments. You gotta watch these correspondents tackle fierce winds, heavy rain and flying debris. And don worry, it OK to laugh. We won judge you.Get back! It coming apart! It like the quintessential scene of a TV reporter covering a hurricane until a large hotel sign comes flying toward CNN Anderson Cooper and John Zarrella. Things go from not so quaint to downright scary. Then THEY came. Those darned New Yorkers (well, Long Islanders) sure have the knack for showing up at the worst opportune moments to ruin everything. About a dozen of locals showed up behind the reporter taking leisurely stroll on the boardwalks. Some stopped to chat while some posed to take snapshots. One dude slowly rode his bicycle across the TV screen. Most were dressed not in raincoats, but in T shirts and shorts. They did not seem a bit bothered by the storm. The only one that seemed distressed was the young CNN reporter, who for a while, had me believe that the storm of the century was upon us.

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