Black and Grey Morality: It is taken as completely acceptible

Restaurant Stakeout provides examples of the following tropes: Big Brother Is Watching: the all present surveillance cameras in Wilie’s restaurant chains. Black and Grey Morality: It is taken as completely acceptible that Willy, by right of ownership and proprietor status, has the absolute right to monitor all his employees 24/7 with intrusive surveillance cameras even when there appears to be no need for them and no justification. The Orwellian implications of this are never questioned and it is accepted as perfectly natural. Hired for Their Looks: In one episode, Willie suspected that the general manager of a restaurant partook in this. He had two undercover women attempt job interviews for waitressing with this manager, and confirmed Willie’s suspicions when he hired the young, inexperienced teenage girl over the older, but vastly more qualified woman. He even went so far as attempting to flirt with her. Know When to Fold ‘Em: The staff at the Red Room in New Rochester was so dead set in its ways that everyone was quick to snap back at Willie at any suggestion he tried to make, with a few of them ready to defend their teammates, effectively nullifying anything Willie said. After trying several times to provide advice and getting attacked every time, Willie realized It Is Beyond Saving and walked right out, the owners deciding to sell off the property and kitchen equipment. Shout Out: The Nikko’s episode features the microwave being taken out to the alley, and destroyed with baseball bats, Office Space style.

Real robots are what happens when Humongous Mecha and Military Science Fiction collide; they’re mecha that are treated just like any other weapon of war. Unlike the Super Robot, real robots are typically mass produced units designed and built by governments and large corporations, rather than something designed and built by (or for) a single person though the occasional Super Prototype or Ace Custom may be an exception. While real robots might be the dominant weapon of the setting, they frequently appear alongside other forms of combat vehicle (like the Cool Tank, Cool Plane, and Space Fighter) rather than replacing them entirely. In other words, instead of being the be all and end all of a conflict, real robots are simply another cog in the war machine. As such, Real Robots tend to look plainer than their Super Robot predecessors. Simple and/or drab colors, heads that are either blank, cycloptic, or resemble a gas mask are common, if the mech has a head at all the general humanoid form is more likely to be relaxed, if not thrown out entirely. Indeed, in many settings, Real Robots look more like Walking Tanks than giant soldiers.

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