We told that children need lots of unstructured time

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It’s a total clusterfuck of an API but then again they

I do, however, think this game of catching hypocrisy for its own sake is not worthwhile. It gets us away from the actual argument, as we have collectively forgotten why hypocrisy is bad, so claiming that someone is a hypocrite just gets you what about ismed. Hypocrisy is bad because it means you don have the conviction of your ideas.

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Somehow, it seemed appropriate for an entrepreneur who building a chain of restaurants to host multiple concepts and menus https://www.retrocheapjordans.com at each location that he would book an interview with a reporter at the very same time he was also meeting with five other people. With a related business to pitch to Kottas and a reporter were all trying to engage Kottas in conversation. In the middle of it all, he took a call from a person he referred to as the 1 cannabis manufacturer in Canada.

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I guess the idea is that it forces every pixel to alternate

here’s what a television tuned to a dead channel looked like in the eighties

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Yet that was never put in this water

Water And Resistance In Flint

cheapest air jordan shoes online In August 2015, Dr. Mona Hanna Attisha was having a glass of wine in her kitchen with two friends, when one friend, a water expert, asked if cheap jordans on sale she was aware of what was happening to the water in Flint, Mich. cheapest air jordan shoes online

Hanna Attisha, a pediatrician in Flint, knew that the city had changed its water source the previous year. Instead of channeling water from the Great Lakes, residents were now drinking water from the cheap jordans in china nearby Flint River. She had been aware of some problems with cheap jordans online bacteria after the switch, but she thought everything cheap Air max shoes had been cleared up.

Her friend warned otherwise: “She said, ‘Mona, the water isn’t being treated properly. It’s missing something called corrosion control.. Without that corrosion control, there is going to be lead,’ ” Hanna Attisha remembers.

where to get cheap jordans The possibility that the city’s cheap jordans china drinking water had been tainted by lead raised alarms in Hanna Attisha; exposure to lead can result in long https://www.superonsalemall.com term cognitive and cheap air force behavioral problems, especially in children. where to get cheap jordans

cheap authentic jordans for sale As Hanna Attisha began reviewing her patients’ medical record, she cheap jordans from china noticed that the percentage of children with elevated lead levels had increased after the water switch. But when she shared her data cheap jordans online at a hospital press conference, government officials tried to discredit her. cheap authentic jordans for sale

“The state said that I was an unfortunate researcher, that I was causing near hysteria, that I was splicing and dicing numbers,” Hanna Attisha says. “It’s very difficult when you are presenting science and facts and numbers to have the state say that you are wrong.”

But Hanna Attisha refused to give up. Instead, she spearheaded efforts to publicize and address the water crisis in Flint. She writes about her experiences in the book What the Eyes Don’t See.

“This is a story of resistance, of activism, of citizen action, of waking up and opening your eyes and making a difference in our community,” she says. “I wrote this book to share the terrible lessons that happened in Flint, but more cheap yeezys importantly, I wrote this book to share the incredible work that we did, hand in hand with our community, to make our community care about our children.”

cheap jordans online shopping On how the Flint water crisis began cheap jordans online shopping

jordan shoes cheap but real Flint was in a near bankruptcy state, really suffering from crisis for years, if not decades before this water crisis. In Michigan, if you’re in financial dire straits, the state can come in and really usurp democracy. So in 2011 Flint became under the control of state appointed financial emergency management, and that emergency manager’s job was austerity. It was ostensibly save money no matter what the cost. jordan shoes cheap but real

cheap jordans 2016 They decided that the water that we had been getting for half a century from the Great Lakes fresh pretreated Lake Huron water that we had been buying from Detroit was too expensive. We would start drawing water from the local Flint River until a new pipeline to the Great Lakes was to be built. So the move to the Flint River was to be a temporary move.. cheap jordans 2016

The greatest irony is that the treatment chemical, the corrosion control, would only have cost $80 to $100 a day. That’s all it would’ve cost to properly treat this water.

cheap jordans 8 This was all done to save money, to cut costs, with no, no regard for public health or children’s health. The folks who grew up in Flint know the history of the Flint River. We are a legacy industrial community. The Flint River has actually caught on fire twice in the past. The corrosion or the impact of the water crisis was not the Flint River’s fault. The Flint River probably would have been OK, not ideal, if it was treated properly. The greatest irony is that the treatment chemical, the corrosion control, would only have cost $80 to $100 a day. That’s all it would’ve cost to properly treat this water. Yet that was never put in this water. The pump to install that treatment was actually never installed, so there never even was an intent to treat this water properly. cheap jordans 8

On how cheap jordan sneakers lead Cheap jordans is a “silent pediatric epidemic”

where to find cheap jordans online The consequences of lead exposure cheap jordans for sale is something we don’t readily see. It impacts, at a population level, cognition, so actually drops the IQ of a population of children, shifting that IQ curve to the left where you have more children who need special education services, cheap nike shoes less gifted kids. It impacts behavior increasing the likelihood of things like attention deficit disorder. It has been linked to impulsivity. It has been linked to violence and even to criminality. So lead exposure has these lifelong cognitive and behavioral consequences that you do not see right away. where to find cheap jordans online

cheap jordans size 14 On her approach to treating children exposed to lead cheap jordans size 14

cheap jordans size 15 Our response in Flint has been very proactive and preventative, because we cannot ethically wait to see the consequences of lead poisoning, of lead exposure, so we have put into place multiple, multiple interventions that we know that will promote children’s brain cheap jordans free shipping development and limit the impact of this crisis. We can’t take away lead I wish I could I prescribe a magic pill or an antidote to take away lead poisoning; there is no such thing. But we can do a lot to limit children’s exposure to mitigate the impact of this crisis. cheap jordans size 15

On whether the people of Flint can safely bathe in the water

cheap jordans india A lot of people had concerns, especially early on, with bathing and showering. We had bacteria in the water, then we had a lot of chlorine in the water, which irritated people’s skin and eyes. People had rashes and hair loss and cheap jordans sale they’d take a bath and up to the water line their kids would break out in rashes. We didn’t really know why people had these rashes. Lead per se does not cause skin issues. The [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] actually came in and did a huge rash investigation and what they noted was that yeah, people had more skin issues, but we don’t know why. There was a lot of stuff in this water that could have irritated people’s skin. So that cheap air jordan is a case by case basis, deciding if you can bathe, if you can shower. For some people, it’s fine; for some people it still causes irritation. cheap jordans india

cheap real retro jordans On the quality of Flint’s water todayIn Flint, Residents Scramble To Get The Last Cases Of State Provided Bottled Water cheap real retro jordans

cheap jordans china wholesale Flint cheap adidas is still in a state of public health emergency. The people of Flint are still recommended to drink filtered water or bottled water. Our water quality has dramatically improved since the onset of this crisis; however, Flint is embarking on something that no other city is doing: We are replacing our damaged lead pipes. We were on this corrosive untreated water for 18 months and that ate up our infrastructure. So those pipes are being replaced and that takes time. We’ve replaced about 6,000 of those damaged lead pipes, but there’s about 9,000 of those pipes that still need to be replaced. Until then, if the people have not had their pipes replaced, they need to be [drinking] filtered or bottled water.. cheap jordans china wholesale

[Flint is] one of the poorest cities in the country. Until recently the state was paying for bottled water, and that ended a few weeks ago, so now it’s being supported by churches and nonprofits like the United Way.

cheap jordans under 30 dollars On how the Flint water crisis exacerbates the “toxic stress” the city’s residents already face cheap jordans under 30 dollars

Here Now Compass

cheap jordans baby Flint Residents Confront Long Term Health Issues After Lead Exposure cheap jordans baby

Growing up in poverty is a toxic stress. Being exposed to violence, lack of nutrition, unsafe places to play all of these are toxic stresses. And now recently, with the incredible science of brain development, we’ve learned that all this repetitive stress and trauma for children impacts their entire life course trajectory in a very graded and predictable way.

air jordan retro cheap The more of these adversities you have especially really early in life during this period of critical brain development, this prenatal or preschool period the more of these toxicities you have, be it lead exposure or be it poverty or family separation, the more likely that you are going to grow up to be unhealthy and have more chronic diseases air jordan retro cheap.

The bogus posts also suggest Holly achieved her well documented

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I think that why your instructors and classmates are so apt to

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Adenauer Pleads For OK On Pacts Crucial Three Day Debate Opens

then goes straight back to delivering bread

canada goose outlet Are destroying our province economy. The vast majority of Albertans who want fiscal responsibility, free enterprise and lower taxes not higher taxes are trying to figure out how we make sure they don get re elected. Kenney the Notley NDP are to throttle the goose that laid the golden egg, free enterprise. canada goose outlet

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